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The Responsible Hope of Jupiter: Free Class on Sunday 10/3!

Julia Bray
Julia BrayPublished on September 30, 2021

Hi Star Beams,

In honor of the upcoming PERPETUAL MOTION launch (a subscription based container of movement, astrology, & fine tuned practices designed to keep your mind, body & spirit in motion, waitlist is HERE!) I'd like to invite you to try a totally free Cosmic Movement class full of meditation, dance, kundalini & celestially inspired wisdom, centered around the themes of hope, abundance, & ease the planet Jupiter can offer us.

Our free class will take place This Sunday October 3rd from 1:00-2:15 PM PDT 4:00-5:15 PM EDT!!

Cosmic Movement is a class designed to put you in magical relationship to your body & the stars, with full acceptance of where you both are in any given moment. Each class will center around a planet or zodiac sign, integrating the wisdom of the cosmos into your body through movement, dance, breathwork, & meditation.


In this class, we will:

-Learn about and work with Jupiter as a magical force through astro lecture!

-Use Jupiter as an energetic resource for individual & collective trauma-resolution

- Use breath work & kundalini to rekindle an expansive & heart-centered relationship to the benevolence that moves through humanity & the heavens.

-Use dance & somatic intuitive movement to cast a spell of hope on our (collective) psyche.

-Journal, meditate & pray to attune to the faith required to live as our kindest most generous selves.

Jupiter is a big ol' planet!The biggest in our solar system, a cosmic force of growth, expansion, joy and good fortune. Energetically it can tell us about our relationship to our beliefs, to faith, and to harnessing enough trust to take a chance on ourselves & this wild world.

With so much enormous (jupiter) spiritual bypassing going on in the world (a denial of material reality), it can be hard to imagine why having faith or trust could contribute any positivity to those suffering. Magical thinking doesn't (always) pay the bills or put food on the table.

But hope is different from optimism. Optimism believes it can defy all odds. Hope is responsible. It looks at the limitations, works with them, and still looks for possibility. To deny ourselves hope is to limit the universe, and when we limit the universe, we limit ourselves. Hope is curious. Hope is expansive. Hope is needed.

I *hope* you'll join us! Jupiter is holding my prayers that this space will be expansive & healing and that everyone who needs to be there, will.

All levels of movers are welcome. While we will be breaking a sweat, and experiencing the ecstasy of perpetual motion in our bodies, our container is always grounded in self-consent. Do what you want and what you can-- not what you think you should.

Come dressed comfortably, bring water & a journal and prepare to move & be moved towards a more generous & easeful version of yourself.

Questions? Reply to this e-mail and let me know what's on your mind.

Sign up for class HERE and put yourself on the Perpetual Motion waitlist HERE!

perpetually yours,


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