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Venus Retrograde: A Cosmic Movement Class today at 4 PM PST!

Julia Bray
Julia BrayPublished on December 26, 2021

"Boundaries are the distance at which I can love you & me simultaneously"-Prentis Hemphill

Seasons Greetings Ya'll :)

I'm thinking about this Venus Retrograde as a crash course in boundaries: constructing, setting, keeping, maintaining & respecting.

For me, it's helpful to think about boundaries as containers rather than walls.

Walls are useful at keeping out, whereas containers hold things we want in.

What do you want in your relational containers? Work? Self-Care? For Venus, the planet of beauty, pleasure & love, this retrograde is an invitation to renovate the aesthetics of our internal spaces: do they reflect our triggers & fears, or support our values & desires?

Today, Sunday December 26th from 4:00-5:15 pm PST we will be exploring these questions in our Cosmic Movement class, Growing Steady: A Venus Retrograde Workshop.

(This is a part of the Perpetual Motion subscription series. Folks can try this out with a FREE 7 DAY TRIAL, or by paying for an individual class at the price of $20.)

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Cosmic Movement "Growing Steady" will include:

-meditation to invite awareness around places in our life we may need to set clearer boundaries

-somatic intuitive movement to explore what a healthy container feels like in our bodies

-repetition & trance to invite the magic of Venus in Capricorn into our energy field and serve them as an archetype

-prayer & group connection to speak our intentions into the world & experience communal reflection & support

-journaling prompts to explore our values

Cosmic Movement is a class designed to put you in magical relationship to your body & the stars, with full acceptance of where both of you are in any given moment. Each class takes you on a journey through kundalini, breath work, simple dance moves, intuitive movement, light conditioning, and guided meditation! 

Once again, the first person to e-mail me back will get free access to our class! Just press reply :) Tis the season.

Looking forward to seeing you later today!


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