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Venusian Ritual of Love & Pleasure: 2/13

Julia Bray
Julia BrayPublished on February 10, 2022

hi everyone <3

i recently celebrated my 34th birthday in LA with my friends & family. whether i was standing on line for space mountain in disneyland, or riding a horse, or getting into character for a backyard murder mystery party my intention remained the same: to pursue pleasure in each moment. to orient to the pleasure of sensation, of connection, of conversation, of whatever was available to me.

in honor of my birth & valentines day our cosmic movement class this coming Sunday February 13th from 4:00-5:15 PM will be a celebration of love & pleasure through movement, dance, meditation & prayer!

Together we'll invoke a relationship to VENUS the planet of love, embodiment, sensuality and pleasure!

class on Sunday will include:

-somatic invitations & movement to continually rewire our bodies & minds towards pleasure.

-dance to woo our own cells & nervous systems, to flirt with our own energy, to ecstatically embrace what feels good.

-a ritualistic container of self-worship through deep meditation

-a commitment ceremony to take ourselves as lovers & deepen the love in our lives.

Everyone who signs up and attends live will receive a brief VENUS download about their natal venus--a sentence or two describing the element & sign & house it is in, to deepen their relationship to this planet of love & embodiment! (to receive this offering, email with your birthday/time/place!)

looking forward to seeing you there

xx perpetually yours


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