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Julia Bray
Julia BrayPublished on September 20, 2021

Hi Star Babies!


I decided that after many years of teaching kundalini & meditation & dance, giving astrology readings and offering peer coaching with trauma-informed somatic tools, it was high time I created a subscription-based space where my skills could be artfully combined.

That space is here, and it's called...PERPETUAL MOTION! A monthly container of expert offerings to get your mind, body & spirit in motion! You're getting first dibs at putting yourself on the WAITSLIST and registering for a FREE Cosmic Movement class next Wednesday night 9/29 to get a feel for some of the magic. Keep reading for all the juicy details :)

If you're human, especially a human who has lived through the last 20 months, you might be able to relate to a certain stuck feeling. A stagnancy that makes it incredibly hard to inspire any movement in your life--physically, emotionally, or spiritually. (hi, i'm this human!!)

Perpetual Motion is a space to get your mind, body & spirit moving--and once in motion, keep them in motion. Whether through sweaty & spiritually inspiring movement & dance classes (guided somatic intuitive movement while I talk to you about the stars? booty shaking while I share the cosmic weather? yes please!), 1:1 support via personalized coaching & readings, or monthly communal Q&A sessions where you can pick my brain on my vast astro knowledge, creative gifts, and spiritual knowledge, this container is a place to commit to your well deserved growth. Move beyond old patterns with trauma-informed integration! Move towards new goals & desires with personal accountability! Move through the world with a deeper connection to your spiritual self using profound meditative tools!


Perpetual Motion Subscription Plans

Cosmic Movement

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Cosmic Wisdom

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One of the main offerings of Perpetual Motion will be my COSMIC MOVEMENT classes! Cosmic Movement is a heart pumping class that takes you on a journey through kundalini, breath work, simple dance moves, intuitive movement, light conditioning, and guided meditation! Wanna try one out?! Come join me for a FREE virtual class on Wednesday September 29th from 6:15-7:15 PST. Wear something comfy (or sparkly) bring water & a journal. Reserve your spot HERE!

Now that I've got you excited about this new launch... I've created a waitlist to gain your input on my special offerings!

Signing up for the waitlist is totally commitment free, super easy and gives me insight into what you value in my work. Click HERE or the visuals above to browse through my subscription plans, and sign up for the one that most excites you. Once you do, if you'd take the time to answer the questions after entering your e-mail I would deeply appreciate it! It will only take about a minute and will help me with pricing the plans.

Your support, love & willingness to move with me in this exciting next step in my career is so appreciated! I am so looking forward to connecting with you perpetually.

Cosmically Yours,


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