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Cosmic Movement: The Obsession Portal

Monday, November 15 at 12:00 AM GMT

For this Cosmic Movement Class we will be exploring the axis of SCORPIO & TAURUS to make healthy room for our obsessions.

Scorpio is a sign that is persistent in its investigations: it digs for truth and the power of facing it all. it digs to understand what lies beneath. it digs, sometimes obsessively, for many reasons: to feel the rush of intensity, to feel something (even pain), to fixate instead of feel. sometimes once it starts, it can be hard to stop. and yet, even in the digging, there is wisdom.

For this month's first Cosmic Movement class THE OBSESSION PORTAL on Sunday November 14th at 4:00 PM you are invited to bring your obsessions to an exploration of fixation, addiction, & compulsion and the subsequent relief we can find by holding space for them. 

In this class you can expect:

-safe(r) trauma-informed shame free space to bring our hungry ghosts to feast

-kundalini movement & breath work to help support a more nourishing field

-cosmic dance & somatic movement to aid in exploring the underlying needs of our obsessions

-astral wisdom on the scorpio-taurus axis of pleasure/desire/pain/alchemy

Cosmic Movement is a class designed to put you in magical relationship to your body & the stars, with full acceptance of where both of you are in any given moment. Each class takes you on a journey through kundalini, breath work, simple dance moves, intuitive movement, light conditioning, and guided meditation!



Date & TimeMonday, November 15 at 12:00 AM GMT
Duration60 minutes
CapacityUnlimited attendees

Individual Session


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