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Getting Christmas ready

Katherine Savage
Katherine SavagePublished on October 26, 2022

I absolutely love decorating the house at Christmas and especially that moment you first open the boxes with decorations. Bringing out decorations you've made and bought each year brings back memories and stories. But my favourte decorations are always the ones l've made and they're also the one's l get the most compliments on when people come over for a festive tipple or two.

As a child l would spend many a day out for walks in the new forest with my family and my dad was a big fan or bird watching. It was essential in the Miles household to know the difference between a Robin and Blue tit from an early age! Since my dad passed away, Robins have always been something that have brought me a lot of comfort. They pop up on a walk or a run, and sometimes on a branch near a window you're gazing out of and l like to think that's my dad stopping my to say hi.

I know l'm not alone with the love of Robins too as it's also been one of my most popular Christmas requests to embroider year after year. So this year l've converted one of my favourite Robin patterns into a PDF design and Kit to share with you. I've added some snow, and some mistletoe for extra kisses from loved ones and to add a special festive spin.

This Robin PDF pattern is available this month with also FREE video tutorials if you are not sure on how to do the stitches. I have used Split stitch, Satin stitch, Stem stitch, Lazy Daisy, Back stitch, Whipped back stitch, Straight stitch and French knots.

So if you fancy a Christmas project and decoration that you'll love for years to come as the nights draw in faster, why not try this lovely Robin design. As always if you have any questions, please get in touch as l'd love to help.

Have a great day. Kat x

p.s I understand subcribing to things at the moment can be quite offputting as no-one knows what's going on with any economy. So you can unsubcribe at any time and still get the benefit of this reduced price PDF pattern❤️

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