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Kathy Brown TLC

Life through Dance

Kathryn Brown
Kathryn BrownPublished on July 20, 2022

Escape on a trip to cloud nine where the Waltz lifts you off the ground amidst the stars –where all worries are forgotten in the moment –where you hover, float, fly and sweep the skies!

Experience the flowing and sensuous dance of Rumba where you are transported into a world of love, softness, and gentleness.

Or submerge into the trenches of Tango where the emotions are played out with the intensity, the loss, the exhilaration, the power plays, the dramas.

Explore the Latin Countries where the hips move in synchronicity with your partner and the sexuality oozes from your being.

Discover a world of fun and play- Swing takes the imagination to a place where you kick it up a notch, let loose, while whirling through the playground of life.

The true essence of life is ‘Energy’.

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