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Kron Chocolatier

Marnie Ives
Great Neck, NY, USA

Opened in the late 1980's selling hand dipped fresh fruit, the famous Budapest Crème Truffle and a large variety of hand molded chocolate sculptures, Kron Chocolatier is known for creating delectable gourmet chocolates, unique personalized chocolate gifts, and exquisite gift baskets. Many early patrons remember the glass wall where you could watch the chocolate being hand tempered and see the strawberries being dipped. Today, Kron Chocolatier has moved to a larger, nearby location at 24 Middle Neck Road. The big glass wall is there too, and you can watch the kitchen in full swing. The chocolatiers can be seen making their indulgent truffles as well as chocolate covered pretzels, popcorn, cookies and so much more.

Marnie Ives has operated Kron Chocolatier since 1998. With her keen artisan approach to creating fine chocolates and curating beautiful gift baskets, Marnie's passion for her business is evident with every delectable bite of Kron's gourmet chocolate. With her team of chocolatiers, custom gift baskets and personalized gifts are made to order for every size budget and palette. Gifts are shipped daily to locations throughout the United States. We also specialize in parve chocolate and corporate gifts -- just send us your list and we'll take care of every detail. 

Don't miss our signature Budapest Truffles, a unique, iconic truffle that you can only find at Kron. 

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