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Leshay Candles

Leslie Mayes
Madison, AL, USA

Leshay Candles is a handcrafted, luxury home fragrance brand specializing in toxin-free coconut apricot wax candles. Our candles are phthalate, sulfate, paraben, and dye free. We offer our customers a cleaner burning luxury candle.

I am Leslie Mayes, the founder of Leshay Candles, LLC. I left corporate America when my son was born disabled, and later down the road, he had to endure multiple surgeries over the course of several years and required 24-hour care. I was so focused on taking care of my son that I neglected my own self-care. I then realized how important self-care was and that I should never feel guilty for taking care of myself because if I don't take care of myself, I can't take care of anyone else.

Candles always helped me to relax, but the types of candles that I was burning at the time were filled with toxic ingredients, didn't burn evenly, and were causing my husband to have respiratory issues. I wanted to create a luxury candle that was stylish, eco-friendly, toxin-free and burned evenly because it would give consumers a toxin-free, cleaner-burning option for the types of candles that they were burning in their homes.

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