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Life Energy Coaching

Shirley and Murray Ansell

Murray and Shirley Ansell are pioneers in a new form of accelerated transformational coaching called life energy coaching. Life energy coaching requires transformation of the coaches' energy back to unconditional love in all areas (mind/body/spirit). This high frequency energy is then used to massively accelerate their clients' transformation in all areas of their life.

Shirley’s primary work at Life Energy Coaching is to accelerate her clients’ energetic transformation of their personal relationship (relationship with Soul and Source), intimate relationships, and parenting relationships into alignment with unconditional love.  Shirley also uses her business background as a corporate banker in sharing her gifts through CEO coaching.

Murray’s primary work is in program development, with his and Shirley’s transformed energy fields being the foundation for all their business’s products and services. Murray is also in the process of bringing together his business background (“Big 4”accountancy, investment and commercial banking, business development and technology licensing) with energy coaching in the form of Business Energy Coaching, which provides a pathway for those who wish to quickly and prosperously embody their deepest passions and life purpose within a heart-guided business.

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