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Losing Your 'Zero' is the Hardest Part

Michael Winter
Michael WinterPublished on August 12, 2021

“Helping people with new businesses and new websites get rid of the dreaded 'zero' — be it zero visitors, zero leads or zero sales.”

I genuinely believe going from zero to 1,000+ targeted visitors is the hardest part of launching a new online business.

Even if your site's been live a little while, targeted traffic doesn't arrive out of thin air and I know that plenty of people struggle to get any traction to begin with.

And yet, most of the advice found online focuses on increasing traffic using tactics that require you to have some traffic in the first place.

It doesn't matter how many experts or 'gurus' tell you how to double your site traffic with "one simple hack" — double zero is still zero!

This creates a frustrating Catch-22.

To try to help, I created a 30-Day challenge which aims to get people over this tricky first hurdle.

I spent 177 hours researching and creating a MONSTER guide - it has 190 pages! - which outlines what to do in a step-by-step process, from Day 1 to Day 30.

(Actually, it has sections for Day 0, which covers some tips and housekeeping before getting started, and Day 31 onward, which offers guidance on what to do after the challenge has finished.)

The guide covers five tactics and I personally used one of them just a few weeks ago to help a client with a brand new site get 8,000+ visits and 3,100+ email subscribers in 6.5 days.

And they literally started with zero!

My name's Michael and I run digital marketing agency Litebulb Media.

With my own agency and others I collaborate with regularly, we've had some really cool results for clients who are just starting out:

• £500k revenue from £11k Google Ad spend in the 5 months after company launch

• 3,000+ email subscribers in 7 days for a company with 3-week-old website

• Grew organic social media reach of new account by 1,497% in 36 days

And now, as we expand our offerings into courses and coaching services, I'd love to teach you some of my tactics in the 30-Day Challenge to help you get your first big hit of targeted site visitors.

Click here to join the 30-day challenge and go from zero to 1k. Fast.

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