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Francisca  Schouten
Francisca Schouten Published on August 26, 2021


When I started to practice Yoga, for me it felt like a true homecoming. Maybe because of many years dancing and gymnastics from a young age. As if the body said 'thank you', for giving me that space and strength again. Physical tensions released and my vision on life changed. It all unfolded through ethical values, awareness and mostly love. Ashtanga and Yin Yoga make me feel balanced. To deepen my Yoga practice with profound studies and the work with nature, I find myself refining what I want to share from experience and the heart. I wish to shine this light on life. May you notice transformation happening in a positive direction, which gives rise to equanimity. And when a practice helps us to feel more healthy and open, that shift in consciousness intentionally benefits well-being of all. We are all interconnected. I want you to notice that you belong, so that we can inspire each other to feel part of the whole. “Go for what nourishes you, instead of just going for what you want” The heart knows it’s way home. Namasté. With love,


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