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Ashtanga Wednesday ↠ Hybrid

Wednesday, November 03 at 11:00 AM GMT

Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic and energetic practice. Based on the Primary series of traditional yoga, popularized by K. Pattabhi Jois. By practicing Ashtanga yoga we strengthen a healthy body and mind. Through an internal cleaning process, we purify our nervous system and organs. Supportive hands-on or vocal adjustments are offered during the practice, to build up safe and slowly.

Wednesday is a free flow suitable for very beginners. After a few sessions we already notice the benefits from this pure and holistic practice. During Full and New moon we practice the Chandra moon sequence and meditation.

It is possible to combine Ashtanga with Yin yoga classes. This combination provides a beautiful balance, therefore we recommend both practices. The practice is guided in English and can partly be in Portuguese. Book a class with time in advance to be prepared. 

Hybrid is in Studio Littleboomland and has a combination with Zoom, Online. By booking this class we assume you will be present in a Live Online group.

Date & TimeWednesday, November 03 at 11:00 AM GMT
Duration60 minutes
CapacityUp to 12 people

Individual Session


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