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Monday, September 13 at 6:00 PM GMT

A private class will give the participant the opportunity to have a more personalized yoga experience. You can choose to practice Ashtanga yoga, Yin yoga or a combination of both. It is also a chance to start a yoga practice based on personal needs, with an introduction to yoga foundations. When we work on a therapeutic level, we enhance the function of specific organs with their mental and emotional qualities. A chance to relieve the physical or mental blockages we experience in life. Working from an approach based on Chinese medicine, we can balance excessive, deficient or stagnated Qi; life energy. Deeper blockages need time to unblock. A private class offers the time for conscious and unconscious resistances to become noticed. Here we hold the space to support a healing process from within. The practice is guided in English and partially possible in Portuguese. Reserve at least 24hrs in advance to be prepared. For more info and contact

Date & TimeMonday, September 13 at 6:00 PM GMT
Duration90 minutes
CapacityUp to 1 person

Individual Session


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