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Changes Coming - 2023

Dave-Sarah Sherman
Dave-Sarah ShermanPublished on December 22, 2022

Thank you subscribers for making this project a success. Sarah and I have loved interacting with each of you these past 6 months. We've learned a lot (and hope you have too)!

We've taken what we've learned and the feedback we've recieved to improve the Sports-Science-Meets-Practice model. We will be back in Spring 2023 with a more powerful website and better, more diverse content.

We'd like a few months to organize the content and get set up. In the short term, we've decided to deactivate your Subkit subscription starting Janunary 1st - You won't have to do anything - it will happen automatically.

Uninterupted Access to Content

Subscribers will retain access to the Google Drive. I've downloaded all the posts and copied them there for your reference as well.

About the Future Members Area

Some of you voiced frustrations with Subkit's limited ability to display content like videos and graphics, foster community, and tailor to anything but the subscription model. We agree. It has limited our options to present content in innovative ways that support learning and translation to practice.

We've decided to move these activities to a Members Only Area of our clinic's website: If you subscribed to our Subkit or joined our newsletter, we'll add you there in Spring 2023 and announce by email. At that time, you can decide to restart your subscription, or choose an ad hoc model for specific content and materials. We'll also have new and improved presentations, videos, and infographics on AMI, ACL rehabiltation, and more.

What Can You Do Now?

Submit your feedback to our Survey. Science-Meets-Practice 2.0 is still in the planning phase - we'll integrate your feedback into the new model.

Thank you again! You'll be hearing from us soon.


Sarah & Dave Sherman

Contact Dave ( with questions, concerns, or to submit feedback directly.

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