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Thank you for your feedback!

Dave-Sarah Sherman
Dave-Sarah ShermanPublished on July 13, 2022

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Sarah and I have been amazed by the interest and support we've recieved since announcing this project.

We are super excited to get started over the next few weeks.

Here is what to expect:


We'll be setting our prices for each plan soon. Once done, you'll be able to sign up and gain access to the content.

If you haven't taken the subscription plan surveys yet, please do so! We are pricing the service based on your feedback.


Save on your monthly subscription by helping us spread the word. Refer friends and colleagues using the referral program on our page and get additive 20% discounts. (5 friends and your subscription is free!)

Invite your friends, everybody saves.

For every friend that subscribes using your referral link, you'll get 20% from their payments as credit toward your own subscription. They'll get 20% off for 3 months too!


As mentioned, we are starting with a review of all things muscle inhibition (AMI). We've worked hard to design our first series of posts to be released biweekly over the next 2 months. Each post will provide highly-scrollable research cliff notes and downloadable content (accessed through a linked Google drive). All-in-all the first 4 posts highlight everything we know and provide ready-at-hand clinical resources to build on your practice.

- Topics:

Post 1: The Quadriceps Problem - Poor Long-Term Outcomes from Highly Modifiable Impairments

Post 2: The Anatomy + Physiology + Broader Impacts of Arthrogenic Muscle Inhibition

Post 3: Opportunities for Treatment - How to disrupt the vicious cycle of muscle inhibiton

Post 4: Clinical Guide for AMI Informed ACL Rehabilitation

Looking Ahead

We want to hear from you.

We want to make this project a success. Research translation only works through clinical partnership with YOU.

What have you been curious about in your clinical practice? What questions do you have about specific cases or impairments? What problems still need to be solved?
Please reach out via e-mail ( or Twitter to suggest topics for future posts.

Thanks again y'all - and stay tuned. We are excited to get started soon.

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