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Dave-Sarah Sherman
Dave-Sarah ShermanPublished on June 02, 2022

Old problems need new solutions

The challenges we face in sports rehabilitation are things that have always plagued our professions. Historically unresponsive impairments and other challenges might be traced back to

(1) failure of research scope and translation

(2) limitations in tools (e.g., clinicians being ill-equipped to assess and treat sources of impairment)

(3) reductionist thinking (i.e., crumbling foundations in clinical reasoning), or

(4) ineffective health-care systems and care-teams.

We waste time, resources, and debate into these old problems and desperately need new solutions. Quadriceps weakness and re-injury rates after ACL injury. Chronic low back pain. Mobility after stroke. 

If what we do worked, then these problems would be resolved.

The hard part is deciding to try something new, as opposed to the easy but unsuccessful path of doing what we’ve always done.

Trying something new needs fresh thinking and broad awareness. We must begin by acknowledging we have a problem and then identifying the constraints, boundaries and assets involved.

Subscribing to our subkit will give you access to the most up-to-date science and practice regarding ACL injury and recovery. We will dive into emerging topics, highlight key findings, and identifying areas for further discussion. Each subscription package builds on one below it, offering increasing access to research cliff notes, clinical tools to advance your practice, practice guidelines, updated rehab protocols, and on-demand critical appraisal of research and professional networking. Just choose the plan that fits your needs. We can't wait to meet you.

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