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Why Research Translation?

Dave-Sarah Sherman
Dave-Sarah ShermanPublished on May 27, 2022

Virtually 100% of clinicians we know consider academic research monotonous or irrelevant to clinical practice.

Virtually 100% of researchers we’ve worked with are frustrated their research isn’t adopted by clinicians.

Both parties default to traditional academic journals or conferences as the medium for communication. (Two mediums which are largely ineffective systems with perverse incentives.)

As a clinician researcher who strives to make his research high-impact, it is clear this is not optimal knowledge translation.

For example, researchers who write research have to use technology such as sci-hub to avoid paywalls and other barriers, despite their institutions paying millions for institutional access. Clinicians who consume research have to use technology such as podcasts and social media to filter the relevant content. The catch? Weeding through unvetted clinical anecdotes, gurus, and trends.

The solution is to provide clinicians a path into scholarly practice that is diverse in clinical perspective, critically appraised, intellectually stimulating, and supportive of your interests and autonomy. This is where Live4 comes in. 

As experienced clinicians in high-profile sports physical therapy and strength & conditioning practices with PhD and residency training in ACL injury and rehabilitation, we are proof-of-concept that researcher-clinician partnerships can be symbiotic and efficient. 

Our blog posts will bring the clinician up to date on research in ACL injury and vice versa. We will feature input from a world-wide network of friends and collaborators, offer honest research appraisal, anchored in anatomy and neurophysiology, and packaged to optimize knowledge translation and empower the reader to integrate content into practice. 

In addition, our subkit will provide high-quality materials featuring clinical decision trees, infographics, and other clinical tools directly transferable to your clinical practice. This subscription service empowers you through incremental and sustainable changes to clinical practice, while we leverage community support and your feedback to refine the delivery to maximize impact.

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