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Coming Soon... A New Service At Live Your Way Thin.

Stavros Mastrogiannis
Stavros MastrogiannisPublished on January 20, 2022

At Live Your Way Thin, as you might already know, we have created a unique approach to weight loss and better health that enables people to get in great shape and maintain their great shape with minimum effort.

We have been teaching our unique approach for years at our facility in Danbury, CT, with great success. Still, it has one drawback, which prevents it from making a real difference in the overall weight loss battle our society is fighting.

That drawback is that we are limited with how many people we can work with, and unfortunately, although I try to keep my rates as affordable as I can, not everyone can afford to come to us.

To eliminate that drawback, I created a new service that will make my system available and affordable to almost anyone who wants to lose weight and get in great shape for life, no matter where they live or their income level.

The new service is called A Fit YOU For Life and is a subscription-based program through which you can learn the 5 ancient habits that will have the most significant impact on your weight and health. More importantly, you will learn to develop these healthy habits and make them part of your life without burning yourself out through this service. Basically, with this service, you will learn how to put your fitness program on autopilot.

But this program does not stop there. There are tons of minor tweaks, which we can all make in our lifestyle that could significantly impact our health. With this service, on an ongoing basis, we will provide you with those tweaks that you can easily make in your life, which will further improve your health and immune system to keep disease away and give you more energy to enjoy life.


Ahead of launching this new service, we are creating a Waitlist. We want your input to make sure the new service will work for you and is priced within your budget. So go on, click here and get on the Waitlist! There is no commitment to join if you get on the Waitlist.


Thank you in advance for your feedback


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