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Living Art Kits

Kit and Casey
Los Angeles, CA, USA

We know kids are capable of making amazing things.

We want to share an easy and fun way to make that happen with your kids in your own home through botanic art with fresh flowers, foraged stems, leaves, seeds, pods, vegetables, fruit and more!

Our Living Art Kits subscription plan will provide guided activities that are self-paced, fun, easy to follow and artistic.

Be a Living Art Kid with Living Art Kits!

We provide the lessons, the supplies list and the tools. All you need to add are the flowers and we guide you on the best ways to find those in your hometown.

Our Experience & Know-How

We are professional florists and botanic design instructors with over 20 years experience in Los Angeles, which also happens to be the home of the largest wholesale flower market in the United States.

As floral design instructors for children’s programs at the esteemed Huntington Library, Art Museum and Botanical Gardens in San Marino, Calif., we know how to engage with children at each of own their levels of understanding, life experience and creativity.

As moms ourselves, we know how to nurture children creatively in the art of floral design and creative botanical-based projects.

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