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August 2022: Living Art Kits

Kit  and Casey
Kit and CaseyPublished on August 10, 2022

Flowers With Meaning: Friendship Bouquet

This month's Living Art Kit is themed "Friendship." This is a welcome design that helps teach a few basics in floral design from preparing flowers, to designing with them in a kid-friendly way. It's a floral design kids can make on their own or with the help of a friend or parent.

Make a Bouquet with a Secret Message

Here is what's included in this month's Living Art Kit box

Containers: 2 containers (vases) to make the project so you can share with friend or sibling - we sent you these in your Living Art Kit. You only need to use one to make the design.

Tools: Enough supplies to make the project more than once! We sent you these in your Living Art Kit

Project Recipe: What you'll need to buy at your local flower market, grocery store or flower farmer (think of this like a cooking recipe). This is for one design.

Extras: For this Living Art Kit, we'll also include a Flower Meanings Guide - or Floriography List that tells you what each type of flower means. We also give you some extra recipes you can make to send messages like "Happy Birthday" or "Thank You!"

Bonus: If this is your first Living Art Kit, we'll also send you a pair of your own floral cutters that you'll use for all your projects.

Video: Access to the step-by-step video to make the project - see below

After you watch the video, you are ready to design!

Where to Buy Fresh Flowers

There are lots of places to buy fresh flowers for your designs.

- local plant nursery

- home hardware store

- grocery store

- farmers' market

- local flower farmer

Here are some websites to find local flower farms near you:

Local Flowers

Slow Flowers

Be sure the rose heads are firm to the touch. The greenery on the stems should look green and not yellow. The petals should look nice and not brown or crushed.

Caring for your Flower Design

Be sure to add water every day to your vase. The flowers are alive and like to drink water. Use flower food whenever you add water to your vase, but remember to use the right amount of flower food to water.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about your Living Art Kit, be sure to email us! We will get back to you as soon as possible. Plus, we'd love to see what you make!

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