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"Ditch the Diets" Nutrition Subscriptions are HERE!

LK Nutrition
LK NutritionPublished on September 06, 2022

Hi friends!

We are ecstatic to announce our new subscription plans have arrived! We had you & your clients in mind when designing our ongoing memberships and can't WAIT to hear what you think.

Our first client-based plans are ready to subscribe to now! These are geared towards individuals looking to build a healthy relationship with food, exercise and their body. Additionally, this is a great resource for those in recovery from an eating disorder.

Ditch diet culture for 1/3 the monthly cost of your average diet plan.

Check out our affordable subscriptions now!

LK Nutrition LLC Subscription Plans

Ditch the Diets Nutrition Plan

$10 /month

Ditch the Diets Nutrition Premium Plan

$25 /month

Eating Disorder Focused Professionals Mentorship

$59 /month

Eating Disorder Focused Professionals Premium

$159 /month

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