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Final hours to save $$ while beating diet culture!

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LK NutritionPublished on November 30, 2022

Our biggest sale of the year is almost over! Sign up for our Ditch the Diet Nutrition subscription to get 3 months for the cost of 1! 

That's just $5/month for your first three months! Just in time to support you through the diet-riddled holiday season. We promise, this small investment in yourself is worth it. For less than your fancy cup of coffee, you'll get access to:

*Exclusive discounts and early access to select products and services (spoiler, our Exercise Freedom course coming in early 2023!!)

*Live/recorded presentations with Q/A on the hottest nutrition topics

*Monthly newsletters containing the most up-to-date nutrition and anti-diet health content

*Self-paced experiential learning activities to deepen your understanding of your relationship with food, exercise and body image

Ideal for: 

*Individuals in recovery from an eating disorder

*Those looking to build a healthier relationship with food/exercise/their body

*Chronic dieters who are tired of "quick fixes" that don't work and ready to move towards a more sustainable, enjoyable relationship with food

*Intuitive eaters

*Professionals looking for resources for themselves/for their clients.

Deal ends tonight at midnight! Use code BLACKFRIDAY10 at checkout.

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