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LK NutritionPublished on June 21, 2022

Hi friends!

Crushing diet culture is cool. Crushing it with your bestie is even cooler. We first met working at a non-profit eating disorder center in Columbus, OH. As baby dietitians, we started within a month of each other, both without any prior experience treating disordered eating. We had a lot to learn and supported each other as we grew into the expert clinicians we are today.

Together, we have over a decade’s worth of experience working with eating disorders. Throughout our journey, we have created deep connections within the community (both virtually and in-person) and have helped hundreds of people heal.

Our passion not only comes from seeing these successes, but also from our past personal experiences. We know first hand how horrible and all-consuming these negative thoughts can be. We also know how difficult it is to learn how to effectively work and treat clients with eating disorders as providers.

This has fully inspired our efforts to create a space for the general public to learn about food freedom and to take this information into our community. Thus, LK Nutrition LLC was born! Our goal is to help prevent others’ from the continued suffering caused by an unhealthy relationship with food, movement and body image.

Let’s crush diet culture together, one step at a time!


Taylor & Jessi

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