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Nicki Malandra
Lebanon, PA, USA

I live in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I have an adult son, and two beautiful grandsons who live in a nearby town in Central Pa. Pink is my favorite color, and cooking and baking are a few of my favorite pastimes.

My journey with chronic illness began a little over 25 years ago when I was diagnosed with a medical condition called lymphedema. For those not familiar with lymphedema, the condition causes an unusual build-up of lymph fluid in the body (most often a limb) due to damaged or blocked lymphatic vessels. In my case, my left leg was affected.

Lymphedema is a chronic progressive disease that requires relentless attention to prevent additional swelling, and the condition can greatly impact the quality of your life. Today, I suffer from multiple chronic conditions, including fibromyalgia and a fairly new diagnosis of chronic pain syndrome.

Blogging became an interest while I was studying marketing. I’m inching my way towards completing a bachelor’s in marketing but recently stopped attending classes because I had major flare-ups with fibromyalgia and lymphedema. I’m slowly nursing my way back to better health with a full round of physical therapy, and I’m hoping I can go back to school in the near future and finally wrap up my degree.

Now that I have some extra time on my hands, I wanted to reach out and share my personal perspective on journeying through life with chronic illness. My mission is to encourage people who are recently diagnosed or living with a chronic illness. To rise above the hardships and embrace the obstacles that can impact the quality of your life.

I will offer motivation, inspiration, and some educational and other fun-filled content for individuals who are just beginning their journey or living with chronic illness. So go grab a drink and get comfy somewhere! I hope you’ll stick around while I share a little bit of my world with you.

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