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Here is your Sunday Stretch!

Megan  Clark
Megan Clark Published on September 26, 2021

Morning Everyone! Happy Sunday! x

As I am not able to teach today's session live, here is a recording for you of an hour long class! I hope you love it!

Ill be thinking of you (and seeing some of you) when I am at the Women's Wellness Day today!

The class has some lovely heart opening positions... a good mix of stretch and strength with a little focus on connecting to imagery of nature as we transition between seasons! Please Enjoy!

I had issues with recording on Zoom so I have re-recorded and uploaded the session to youtube! Just click above and the session should be good to go!

I hope that you enjoy the class and have a wonderful day and week ahead!

Cannot wait for our next live session, see you next week!

Peace and Love,

Megs x

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