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Megan  Clark
Megan Clark Published on February 27, 2022

Hi Everyone,

Hope that you find this well.

Just wanted to remind you that all yoga content and classes are now being saved in the POSTS section of your subkit.

If you are a subscriber, just go to your homepage, scroll down to where you see "sessions" and "posts"

Be sure to click posts and all virtual classes are saved as a virtual yoga library for you to catch up on or repeat.

In March, I will be adding coaching and wellness content such as breathing sessions, guided meditations, chair yoga, yogi see yogi do and motivational tips for a healthy mindset.

For the month of March you can access all of these through your original subscription!

Feedback and requests are welcome!

Wishing you all a fabulous week ahead and hope to see you soon !

Love and Light,

Megan x

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