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Where to Find All of Your Recordings

Megan  Clark
Megan Clark Published on February 20, 2022

Evening Everyone,

Just a little reminder of where to find all of your monthly recordings from now on.

If you watch the video below I will be able to show how to find the POSTS section of your Subkit page. This is where ALL recordings will be stored from now on! :)

At the moment, all are saved here, to my subkit library, and can used on demand.

I will be uploading a few wellbeing recordings as well over the next few weeks as a trial. These are free for all subscribers to access as a taster of a new subscription option to come in the next few months!

Overall, this should eliminate so many emails from me with codes, and also means the classes don't expire after 2 weeks for replay.

The only info you need is your subkit login and to be a subscriber. Scroll down and enjoy!

Thanks a million for all the support.

Any questions or concerns, please let me know x

Stay tuned for more exciting updates to Wellness with Meg over the next month!

Peace and Love,
Megan x

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