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My Creative Life

Melissa Wong
Oakland, CA, USA

I am a certified coach who supports people in career transitions, creative pursuits, and identity revolutions. I believe that anyone can step into a more expressive life.

I founded @newwomenspace a venue that housed over 700 gatherings by artists, healers, organizers, and small business owners; and Hustle Fest, a summit for professionals looking to go freelance full time; formerly @kickstarter @soundcloud Seth Godin’s @altmba. Worked with clients at NYTimes, NEW INC, Experience Lab, Squarespace, PINK, and a host of freelance artists

"My Creative Life was truly instrumental in getting my creative project going! There's no way I would have finished my branding and business plan without this program. Melissa helped me see that this passion project could lead into something bigger." --- @brightcollective

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