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Exciting membership community news from Dr. Mel!

Dr. Melissa Thompson, PT, DPT, MTC
Dr. Melissa Thompson, PT, DPT, MTCPublished on April 22, 2022

Hello everyone! I’m Dr. Melissa Thompson, pelvic health Physical Therapist and Fertility Awareness Mentor. ! 

As some of you may know, I have recently added a specialization of Fertility Awareness to my practice, which has been a long time dream to better help women with pelvic pain, conception concerns, manage pregnancy, and recover faster postpartum through holistic health. 

Through a combination of physical therapy treatments to reduce bladder leaks, pelvic pain, and prepare for birth as well as optimizing foundational factors of hormones, it is my passion to get you to your healthiest place and bring awareness to the underlying causes of these issues that affect women.

One of the ways I have conquered this is by gaining additional in depth training for optimizing hormones and diving deeper into my clients’ foundational factors that could be driving some of their pelvic floor complaints and cycle health. 

BUT here is the REALLY exciting news!

I have just launched my next project to give you access to more of this content, my Pelvic Health Community Subscription

The goal with this subscription is to reach as many moms and moms-to-be as I can, wherever you are along the fertility journey. I want to share with you many of the strategies and education I provide for my clients, through videos, articles, and group workshops at an accessible price. 

This subscription also acts like a membership community where you will have access to all of the other subscribers in the community. 

Here’s what you will have access to in the plan: 

  • Access to video library with content that includes how to's for your bladder, bowel, pelvic pain, labor prep concerns, and hormone optimization.

  • 1 Zoom workshop per month where we discuss Q&A from subscribers plus rotating pelvic health and fertility topics

  • 1 newsletter biweekly that includes educational resources & how to's for your pelvic health

  • Ability to schedule individual sessions for further support


This plan is for moms, moms-to-be, those contemplating motherhood, and those who want to optimize their hormones. 

Join a community of women along their fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum journeys. Access to monthly live workshop calls with pelvic health education provided by Dr. Mel. You will also have access to a video library covering a range of topics from pelvic floor exercises, pregnancy & birth prep topics, labor prep, postpartum recovery, and fertility. New content will be posted weekly.

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Pelvic Health Community

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I truly believe that having a community of women together with access to education and awareness to become more body literate is the best way to understand root causes of women’s health issues and to find support through each other. I know you will see the value of what I’m planning to achieve with this membership subscription and decide to join me on the inside. I look forward to meeting all of you!

Join the waitlist to help me get an idea of what content you are looking for the most!

Not interested in emails regarding this membership? No problem! You can opt out below and continue to get the regular pelvic health emails. 

Talk soon,

Dr. Mel

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