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Tim Sinnett
Boulder, CO, USA

MindBody Ops was developed by Tim Sinnett. From an early age, Tim was always interested in spirituality and in what the real “truth” was behind all of the different, and sometimes conflicting, belief systems.

After graduating college with a degree in actuarial science, he went to work in the corporate world, which was so out of alignment with his true interests that he almost left abruptly to go to seminary school. Instead, he resigned from his corporate job and started on a decades long search, studying Eastern and Western philosophy, religion, psychology, mind/body therapy, traditional healing systems, esoteric sciences and many others.

Strongly drawn to the area of traditional medicine, he was unable to find a deep resonance with any particular system, so he continued his studies focusing more on the underlying similarities between them. Noticing that he was growing more interested in the primary role that the mind played in health and healing, he went through a hypnotherapy certification program to learn more about how strong this influence was. That program changed everything for him.

It wasn’t hypnotherapy, per se, that became his primary interest, it was the understanding of how our thoughts and beliefs are formed, and the influence they have on our lives. Like seeing the Wizard behind the curtain, once the mechanisms had been revealed, there was no turning back.

Tim has been described as a “weaver” for his ability to take different concepts, tools, and modalities and weave them in to the needs of his clients. His goal is to provide the broadest range of tools that he can to positively impact the largest number of people. He is always happy to refer clients on to specialists in any areas that have strong resonance with them. In fact, that makes him very happy.

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