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Doing More to Self Explore

Liz van't Riet
Liz van't RietPublished on June 09, 2022

Have you been following Girl in the Mirror Life for a while and you're still wanting more?

Well, I'm super excited to announce that you can have exactly what you want....more community, more progress, more LIFE.

If you're new around should know I started as the Girl in the Mirror. GITM Life is my personal journey for growth. My pursuit of self growth has lead me to become certified in meditation, positive psycology, NLP, sound healing,.. amoungst other methods. Through the desire to grow and be the best version of me, I eventually chose to become a Certified Life Coach, with a focus on mindfulness, empowerment, and self growth.

As I became inspired to help others, I built my company, Mirror TLC, with the goal of creating a community and helping individuals 1-on-1. Supporting someone through the, sometimes very difficult, changes required to grow froward instead of being pulled back, is something that drives me on a soul level. I've done a lot of work for myself, and I know it isn't easy, but it's easier when you know you have the support you need to stay on track.

I'm super excited that I can now offer subscription services!

Mirror TLC Subscription Plans

Accountable to Growth Group

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MTLC Reflections Monthly Newsletter

$1.99 /month

Hydration Weekly

$9.99 /month

Reflections Community

$24.99 /month

Meditative Reset

$49.98 /month

Maintain Your Empowerment - Monthly Coaching Plan

$149.99 /month

Empowerment Gains - BiWeekly Life Coaching

$249.99 /month

Making the Change - Weekly Empowerment Coaching

$449.97 /month

Rapid Road To Empowerment - Ultimate Commitment to Self Coaching Plan

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These plans are made to give you the level of support you need to accomplish your dreams! Some of the new offerings around here:

Subscriber Only Monthly Newsletter: While every month, we have our basic newletter for everyone, subscribers always get extra! More than your basic monthly update, these newsletters keep your mind fresh with a variety of topics and includes tips & tricks, on working with your mind better.

Need a little reminder? The Hydration Weekly is a great option for you! Keep yourself in check with this weekly self care, hydration reminders, and more! Get new ideas and motivations sen tydirectly to your inbox every week along with recieving the monthly subscriber newsletter!

All coaching plans and groups include exclusive access to our online community....Reflections!

While all are welcome to visit and offer kind words, only subscribers are able to access everything that Reflections has to offer! Private Q&A's, thought provoking thread discussions, and support not only from the coaches, but also from your fellow MTLC community!

The Reflections community is where it's at!

The Meditative Reset takes place every other week in our Reflections community, and is there to help guide you through a variety of meditation practices so you can learn whats best for you and just like a physical workout, work out your mind and ability to utilize mindfulness better by changing up the routine. Keep yourself fresh with a variety of meditations, active mindfulness exercises, and Tibetain Bowl Sound Baths.

Ready to FOCUS on YOU?

We are too!

In addition to an amazing and supportive community, you can put some focus directly on you and your growth by becoming part of one of our coaching plans. All the great benefits above are included! a bonus, if you sign up for weekly coaching services, we'll also include you in our upcoming "Accountable to Growth" Group no charge! So take advantage of a growing community, and start your path to Empowerment today!

If you're still not ready to be part of Mirror TLC's growing community, that's ok...

We're ready when you are!

Don't forget to sign up for our FREE monthly updates and watch as we grow!

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