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Why YOGA for Golf

Marissa Otto
Marissa OttoPublished on February 28, 2022

Why YOGA for GOLF?

 Balance: Yoga will help you improve your balance and
focus. Yoga will increase your core strength to help keep your balance for all
your shots. Balance is crucial in every golf swing. 

 Breath: Yoga connects the mind and the
body. It's important to know how to center yourself and the breath is a
great tool to clear the mind before a swing.  

 Flexibility: Yoga will increase mobility in hips,
back and shoulders to help you improve your twist in each swing. 

 Strength: Working with core strength to support the back
and make movement safe and efficient, yoga will enhance your practice and help
provide proper alignment.

 Yoga will help increase your golf game. What you learn with us, through the various
postures and breath work, can be applied to many aspects of your life and help
keep you from being injury-prone in your workouts.  

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