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Martin Wroe
Martin WroePublished on June 25, 2021

Hey every one, I’m Martin from Manchester, UK. Welcome to the inner workings and Mind of a Maverick.

I have a passion and talent for helping people figure out and get to where they want to be. I’m 100% a people person and that’s what I love doing. Working with and helping people succeed.

I live with my family in a sleepy village outside of Manchester which gives me opportunity to go for walks along the canal and in the woods.Along with going for adventures to areas I’ve not been since I was small.

What drives me and makes me stop the fight with the dreaded alarm clock is the wonder of what we can achieve today. One of my favourite quotes is

I say this every day. Part of my life mantra.

At the tender age of 38, I’m heading towards the big 40, they say like begins at 40. I couldn’t wait that long so I started my best life way before then. Besides I wanted to do it before my boyish good looks fade. Sadly my hairline did 🤣. At least I’m still smiling right.

I really want to share my journey with and become part of yours. I may not have fancy accreditation’s but I do have the scars which only time and experience brings. Seeing others succeed and be all they can be are things that will continue to drive me.

If you’re into people with fancy letters after their name I’m not that. If you want to learn from my experiences in business and life itself. Get in touch and sign up to my mailing list here .

I’ll be sharing hint’s, tips, ticks and things to keep you motivated to keep you focussed on your path to become who you want to be.

Keep Smiling !!!


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