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Mother Earth Essentials

Carrie Armstrong


A Canadian indigenous-owned company, Mother Earth Essentials creates luxurious bath & beauty products from natural ingredients and traditional recipes.

Our company was founded by Carrie Armstrong who comes from a long line of Cree Medicine women. She is passionate about sharing her Indigenous culture and the spiritual properties handed down to her from elders and medicine people. We've created our product based upon these traditional teachings, the plants that are found around us and a philosophy steeped in respect for our environment. We believe in the quality of our products and aim to honour the properties of all of the plants we use.

Our workshops are led by Carrie Armstrong, a certified teacher in Alberta and author of Mother Earth Plants for Beauty and Health. Carrie has hosted workshops for the past 10 years for organizations that include the University of Alberta, Government of Alberta, Government of Canada, and the Edmonton Public & Catholic School Boards.

Her experience learning from her grandmother, elders, and medicine people combined with her experience as a teacher, gives her the unique ability to pass on her knowledge. She is a hands-on teacher and her workshops will always end with you walking away with more than just new information. Attending one of her classes leads to new experiences where you’ll be able to take what you learned and apply it in many aspects of your life.

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