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Mother Indica Body-Mind Balance

Erin Willis
Watkins Glen, NY, USA

I started as a lost, new mother experiencing postpartum depression. As an anonymous blogger, I shared how I coped with it through the use of medicinal cannabis. I became pregnant right after graduating college and could no longer complete my dream of becoming a registered dietitian. I took the knowledge and training I gained in conventional clinical nutrition and applied it to my own life in a creative, more natural way. I shared this information online as "Mother Indica."

My motivation to keep going is my children. When I had my firstborn, I was terrified of going back to work and leaving him at daycare every day. And although this did happen at first, I eventually was able to gain a full-time salary with my side job, Mother Indica, without having to work 40 hours a week away from my boys. I began as a blogger and consultant and have worn many hats to stay home with them.

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