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Money Management for New Millennial Entrepreneurs

Jeneé Murphy
Richmond, VA, USA

I'm Jeneé, a Financial and Certified Life Coach Helping Purpose Driven Professionals on Their Entrepreneurial Journey.

Creating your dream life doesn't always start with the prettiest of beginnings. If you've ever felt like life is a journey that's full of challenges, but void of a roadmap to success, trust me, you're not alone!I know that feeling all too well. At the age of 17, my family was forced to sell our home, due to threat of foreclosure. Over the next 6 years, I moved locations 4 different times, not sure what to expect next but still determined to recreate a stable life I once enjoyed during childhood. Driven by instincts and my innate financial savvy, I began building my credit at the age of 18, graduated from college with minimal student loan debt, and realized my personal dream when I finally purchased my own home at the age of 25. If you have big goals and ambitions for your life too, I want to encourage you that with the proper guidance and the right attitude you too can create your dream life... and I'm here to show you how!

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