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Muddy Roots Rituals

Zakiya Randell
Denver, CO, USA

Muddy roots rituals is my fusion of the occult, pop culture, and self-care! I handcraft spooky self care items such as, witchy/creepy themed bath bombs, moody bath soaks and sultry spell candles. When I’m not crafting bath and body products I’m creating eclectic statement pieces out of bone! I’m spontaneous, curse like a sailor and love making new and interesting creations so buckle in for the ride and let’s get in touch with our inner (and maybe outer) weirdo and indulge in all things involving spooky scary skeletons, self care and pop culture!

Now that we got that out of they way… here’s a little bit about myself!

My name is Zakiya (Kiya for short) and I’m the owner and creator of muddy roots! I started muddy roots a few months after the birth of my first kiddo in 2019 and I have been going strong ever since. It started with tarot card readings and just slowly evolved in to a beautiful space where I can dream up super funky creations for y’all! It’s my safe place and now your safe place as well! I’m here to help you practice your craft in an ethically and morally respectful manor while saving plenty of room for vulgarities along the way!🖤

My big 3? Oh I know your wondering..My ☀️ sign is in Pisces, my 🌙 sign is in Pisces and Ascendant is in Sagittarius

Your turn! Please feel free to reach out and get to know your local magic dealer. 🖤

Check out upcoming box items and get to know our occultist community on the muddy roots instagram

Welcome to the family weirdo. 🖤

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