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Zakiya Randell
Zakiya RandellPublished on April 22, 2022

Hello weirdos!

Most of you are on the waitlists, and I am ecstatic to announce my new Subscription Plans are officially live! Subscribe now!!! I had you strange folks in mind when I designed these ongoing memberships, Eclectic Roots and Lazy Bones. I really hope you'll enjoy this odd ride of mine:

Muddy Roots Rituals Subscription Plans

Lazy bones coven box

$34.99 /month

Eclectic Roots box

$74.99 /(3 months)

By subscribing you save a little cash on these items, get a few coven and eclectic exclusives and you can cancel anytime!

I can't wait to grow our strange collective month after month! Welcome to the family, weirdos!

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