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Chelsea Pambianco
Chelsea Pambianco Published on July 15, 2022

Many years ago, I was caught up in the diet culture that surrounds us and creates the pressure to be thin at all costs. I was so caught up, in fact, that I confused my obsession with Nutrition as a calling for a career change instead of a disordered eating diagnosis. Don't get me wrong, I am so glad I made a career change and absolutely love being a Registered Dietitian! But the reasons I got into this field are not the same reasons I have stuck around (and created my own private practice no less). As I studied to become an RDN, I discovered the concept of intuitive eating. I wasn't convinced at first - as you might find yourself feeling a similar way - and I fought back for a while in order to justify engaging further in dieting behaviors that allowed me to feel a sense of control over my body. When I finally allowed myself to acknowledge that restricting my food intake, avoiding certain foods for fear of weight gain, only eating "healthy" foods, and overexercising were not in my best interest; I was able to start the journey towards food freedom. And what a journey it has been! If I could tell my prior self that one day I wouldn't be scared to eat my own (large!) serving of french fries, or opt for a burger over a salad, or take a rest day because I didn't feel like working out - I wouldn't believe her. I thought discipline was a desirable characteristic when it came to food and exercise, but now I realize how harmful that rigid mindset can be. Intuitive eating is not another diet to follow, it's a change in the way you think and act with food and movement. It's a tool that you will use for the rest of your life that will free you from the consuming thoughts that dieting forces you to have, like what you can or cannot eat or figuring out how to to do macro calculations. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing the revelations my clients have when they give up the food rules they've followed for years and start trusting their bodies to tell them what they need. And if you are afraid that intuitive eating means you will be eating donuts and cookies for every meal, fear not. There is absolutely a place for nutrition in intuitive eating, and over time you will find that eating an unlimited number of donuts isn't as appealing as it once was and that you would rather have a meal of more substance because it makes you and your body feel good. I can't wait to start working with you - to learn more about what food means to you, and how I can help you to feel more comfortable and confident with your food choices!

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