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Network Like You Mean It

Your little black book in business…

AmberPublished on September 22, 2021

After nearly two years’ being held back in business, no face-to-face networking, no in-person meetings, and industries crippled by Covid restrictions – alongside an ever-growing number of entrepreneurs and solopreneurs starting their own business – the concept was glaringly obvious…

Network Like You Mean It was born.

The aforementioned diary and planner helps you get the most out of your networking – tracking meetings, new connections, and opportunities as you go.

Tracking your journey helps you connect, build and maintain important relationships – an essential business skill.

People buy from people but networking isn’t just about selling, it is an important part of your business strategy, and having a tool to help you get the most out of your time and relationships is invaluable when starting out.

We have already seen success with pre-orders to test the concept and make sure the planner is in demand.

About the creator…

Since finishing University, Amber has worked in a number of roles throughout her career such as Cabin Crew for Emirates, Account Manager for Aon and Manchester United, Events Executive at Breast Cancer Care, Recruitment within ITV working across Emmerdale and Coronation Street and most recently working as a Talent Manager at the BBC.

Networking has always been an integral part of Amber’s professional life and since setting up her very own Business, ‘The Gift Girl’, it became the lifeblood of everything she does. Without networking and building relationships – many businesses barely survive let alone get off the ground.

Amber carefully crafted the concept and pages within the planner after trying to find something like it online but there was nothing like it. Sure, there’s tonnes of planners and productivity journals out there but nothing like this.

Having a busy career and two fledgling businesses, Amber is a perfectionist at heart and couldn’t bear the thought of forgetting about a connection not just for her business but her network too. After all, when we help others, we help ourselves too.

Networking then and now

During the dreaded lockdown, we were all faced with zoom fatigue but luckily the business networks turned their in person networking online and there were countless ways to connect with people from the comfort of your home office.

With all these new opportunities and new faces, it was increasingly hard to keep track of the most meaningful connections.

Gone were the days of accepting a tangible business card to help remember exactly who you met and what they did – never mind what to do next.

Now we’re back to in person meetings and business is getting busier again – we still have both online and ‘real life’ networking to contend with but how do you keep track of all your meetings and who to follow up with.

Network Like You Mean It takes care of that for you. With pages to help you focus on your networking skills, goals and track your progress – you’ll be able to review your efforts every quarter and see how your networking is positively impacting your business.

Saying your Network is your Net Worth might sound like a cliche to some but it rings true for the users of this planner. Don’t just take it from us, check out the testimonials here

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