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Fuss-Free Meal Planning with Norine

Norine Khalil
Toronto, ON, Canada


Thank you for stopping by...I'm Norine, and I'm a Registered Dietitian, Owner of Lifeberry Nutrition Consulting, and Co-Founder of One Elephant Integrative Health Team. More importantly, I'm on a mission to support women on their journey to self-love, empowerment, confidence, and optimal health.

I completed both undergraduate and graduate degrees in nutrition and dietetics, and went on to work in a number of clinical and community settings before settling into my private practice. My practice is my happy place - connecting with people through their relationships with food has been enlightening and rewarding and I look forward to having you join my community as well.

My journey with food is a long one...too long for right now at least. But what I learned from my own personal relationship with food and my eight year education in the field of human nutrition is that there is absolutely no "one size fits all" approach to eating. We all have our strengths, and we all have our struggles. My role in all of this is to empower those with whom I work with knowledge and the tools that truly set you up for success.

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