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Danielle  Doebereiner
Danielle DoebereinerPublished on April 26, 2022

Hello community!

We're ecstatic to announce our new Subscription Plans, both local and shipped!

Nosh and Curd Subscription Plans

Cured & Curd local - Gorgeous and ready to eat

$69 /month

Cured Cuts & Curd - Shipped/Deconstructed

$73 /month

We had you in mind when we designed our ongoing memberships, a monthly charcuterie board for hosts with the most (or snack lovers!) in Mars, PA and a nationally-shipped plan with all the ingredients you need to build your own charcuterie board month after month. We really hope you'll join us!

By subscribing you save + you can cancel anytime!

We can't wait to feed you month after month!

Check out our unboxing video. All these goodies could be yours! :)

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