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Passive vs. Active Voice: Make Your Writing Come Alive

Nancy Tuten
Nancy TutenPublished on July 01, 2022

Some of you wrote to say that before you subscribe to receive twice-a-month video content, you would like to see a few sample videos. Fair enough!

Each video in this subscription will fall into one of three categories:

(1) One- or two-minute informal videos. Sometimes I'll discuss an awkward or illogical sentence or word usage that I've read or heard. At other times I'll answer a question asked by one of you.
(2) Scripted video lessons accompanied by graphics. These will run about five to ten minutes.
(3) Teaching videos. These aren't scripted but feature a small embedded video of me talking to you and teaching much as I would in a classroom setting. Typically running between fifteen and thirty minutes, these will include practice exercises followed by a second video reviewing the answers to those exercises.

Today's video below—shorter than 5 minutes!—falls in the second category. In it I describe the difference between the active voice and the passive voice and explain why it is useful to understand that difference.

Next week I'll send an example of a short, informal video, and a week later I'll introduce the third format. For now, these three sample posts are available to subscribers and non-subscribers.

If you have already subscribed, THANK YOU! If not, I hope you'll jump on board. Remember that you can unsubscribe at any time. For $6.99 a month—less than the price of a fancy cup of coffee—you can have access to high-quality professional development content designed to strengthen your writing skills.

Click on the play button below. Let me know what you think; then hit "reply" and suggest a topic for next week's video.

If you found this video useful, subscribe for more. Each video will put another tool in your writer's toolbox and help you write more clearly, effectively, and professionally.

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