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Weaning and Beyond - June highlights

Aliya Porter
Aliya PorterPublished on June 30, 2022

As I mentioned in the group, I have decided not to continue with the subscription group. The group will remain open so you can access all the old content and ask as many questions as you would like, but I won't be posting new content. I will continue to post content on my website and Instagram so feel free to check those out.

I am sending this last one to those who are on the mailing list and also those who are subscribers. I will be moving those who are on the mailing list over to a different platform so you will get updates from there.

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7th June

What is going on with this crazy weather - one minute it's hot the next minute you want to put the heating on?!

It's hard to know how much water or milk our little ones should be having when it's like this. The best indicator is their nappies - plenty (at least 4 is generally recommended in 24 hours) and nappies that are not strong smelling with urine.

Offering additional water once they have started solids can help when it is warm but also offering hydrating vegetables and fruits too - things like cucumber, tomatoes, courgette, melon, grapes, oranges are all great examples (plus they are packed with vitamins and minerals too).

Remember they need other foods for a good diet though so they still need the variety.

21st June

  • Following on from last week's post:Tips to encourage your child to drink more water:
  • offer it with meals
  • offer it between meals
  • be a good role model
  • play cheers
  • try different cups - they can even have multiple ones on the go
  • put ice cubes in their lidded cup (make sure they can't get to them as they can be a choking hazard
  • make water lollies so they can suck on them

28th June

Tips for not eating when you child is eating (unless you planned to!)

As my final exclusive tip I thought I would put one in for the grownups. It can be so hard not to graze when our little ones need food more often and at different times to our mealtimes.

  1. Plan your meals so they coincide with their meals - if you can. I know this might mean eating lunch at 11.30am!
  2. Have something to do with your hands whilst you watch them eat. Even fiddling with a ball can help.
  3. Focus on your child and chat to them whilst they eat
  4. Have a drink of water when they eat rather than something to eat
  5. Do some simple exercises whilst they eat - pelvic floor exercises, marching, stretches are all good
  6. Eat if you are hungry  You are less likely to pick if you learn your hunger and fullness cues

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Happy eating!

Love from Aliya x

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