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Nutty Novelties

Caleb Mangum
Telford, PA, USA

Caleb graduated from Temple University in 2010, into the worst job market since the Great Depression. Being newly married, a new homeowner, and actually quite risk adverse, entrepreneurship sort of found him first.

In 2012, "The Nut Hut" started as a Saturday-only, low-risk, low-cost venture at the local Lansdale Farmers' Market. The next year we were Nutty Novelties LLC, and by 2015 Caleb became a full-time small business owner and soon was bringing on part-time staff to help out. Caleb feels beyond blessed to be able to run a small nut butter company full-time and is thankful for so much support from customers over the years, retailers, friends, family, and especially his incredible wife, Mary. He is the proud adoptive father of an amazing two-year-old boy and hopes he and Mary can continue to grow their family via fostering/adopting in the coming months and years.

When he's not peddling nut butters, Caleb likes to play basketball and eat delicious food and is heavily involved at their church, The Renew Community in Lansdale.

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