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Oolong Tea Shop

Oolong Tea Shop
Calgary, AB, Canada

Our customers have been coming to our shop to enjoy our tea for over 19 years, now we have our unique selection of teas online for orders across Canada!

We are known for ALL our remarkable teas, not just Oolong tea. We have a great selection of all types of tea from, herbal to black to green to,
of course, oolong! We welcome you to explore the varieties online or in the shop if you are in the neighbourhood.

In our neighbourhood, OOLONG has become synonymous with a place, not just a type of tea! You can often hear people say "want to meet up at OOLONG?" or "I bought some 'OOLONG' tea!" , when really they are referring to the place they bought it at and not the actual type of tea!

To us, it is a special place. Maybe you want to take some 'OOLONG' home with you!?

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