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Maybe It’s Time To Say ‘Yes’ and Jump Right In

Leang Chung
Leang ChungPublished on July 19, 2022

When was the last time you said yes to something that you had little to no knowledge on? 

For me it was back in February when I was meeting with a community of women solopreneurs and was asked if I was interested in partnering with them to design and launch a conference. What was my experience and knowledge in designing or producing a conference at the time? Zero. 

I saw it as an opportunity to try something different, pick up some new skills, partner with a community of women I enjoy spending time with and help aspiring solopreneurs launch their new business. So I simply said, “yes” and jumped right in. 

I found myself leading the experiential design team and was a contributing member of the marketing and logistics team. All areas that are outside of my comfort level and domain. 

Together we created the It’s Our Turn Conference 2021. Designed specifically for the 50+ women who is ready to pursue the next phase in her career as a #bosspreneur. The conference met our goal of addressing an overlooked and underserved market. We provided attendees with the confidence, network, and personal launch kit that we sought out to achieved. They left feeling inspired, motivated, and happy that they received something that they didn’t even know they needed. One person was moved to tears by the experience. 

Looking back at the person who had zero experience putting together a conference or leading experiential design for a digital event, I feel very proud that I found the courage to jump right in. It taught me the value of saying yes and the experiences, and impact, that I would miss out on had I doubted myself.  

So… what’s holding you back? Maybe it’s time to just say yes and jump right in.

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