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Newsletter #5: Stop saying things that make you weak.

Peter Leyland
Peter LeylandPublished on May 03, 2021

Stop Saying Things That Make You Weak.

What statements are you using every single day, that make you weak, that makes you NOT try things? What thoughts are you allowing to run wild in your head that hold little truth, but are ruining your emotions, your energy, and your life?

We FEEL our thoughts, and because of that we should Watch them carefully and assume that not all of the thoughts we have are ours, or are good for us.

"Pay Attention to What you are saying."

In the above video, Dr. Jordan Peterson talks about a thought experiment that he went through, in which he started to notice that his ego and his subconscious were not in alignment.

Does this sound familiar? Sometimes you get upset, overwhelmed, anxious, or even depressed and you start to say things (in your mind to yourself or even out loud – Sometimes over and over again) that you wouldn’t normally believe or think?

“Nobody likes me” Is a self-destructive thought, and if that does not align with your view of what you would want then it must be captured and replaced. “Nobody Likes me” should be replaced with “What can I do, to feel more connected with people?” or “What would need to happen, for me to know that people like me?”

"People have multiple Parts"

What words did you say today that were not true about you?

“Nobody cares about me.” “Why does this always happen to me? ” “I can’t change”. These phrases are a LIE. If you contacted 10 People who you have had fond memories with and ask “Do you care about me” You will soon find that you are cared about, you DO MATTER. So you must notice this statement and change it to: “What will have to happen in order for me to feel cared about? This could be three – four people checking on you daily or being invited to social events.

“Why does this always happen to me?” Does it always happen to you? Or is this just a story you are telling yourself, break it down into actual events and label them, if you do find it is a repeating issue you can then ask yourself What could I have done differently to stop that from happening” And if you see a common habit of theme, then maybe it’s time to act on changing that. Alternative to this you could just be over assessing one thing has only occurred a few times, but happens to everyone at some point. “I can’t change” – time and experience changes every single person, the only way that people don’t change is if they stay stagnant, if they don’t take action, and so you must ask yourself “What do I want to change?” and once you understand that follow this with “What do I need to do to see that change?”

What phrases did you think today that was negative?

The above statement is true about your thoughts too! But what works especially well, is when you have a thought that doesn’t make you feel great or inspire you, I.e.” I can’t do…” or “I can’t be bothered” or “I’m too tired” or anything to stop you taking action… Then write it down on a list, and every time you hear yourself thinking it, add a Tally, A tally chart can be amazing for letting you see what is subconsciously going on, and when you start to notice things, then you can see them! and if you can see them, then you can see the flaws in them and fix them.

When you are AWARE of those things, you will Notice them, and you will stop them affecting you!

You have started to realize that “Wait a moment, these aren’t MY thoughts. This isn’t how I WANT to see myself. and I’m going to CHANGE that” You finally see them in front of you, you’ve started jotting down every time they come up and now they are in focus, and now you’ve started to change what was a self limiting BELIEF STATEMENT into a Self DEVELOPMENT QUESTION.

How many times did you say “I Can’t” and about what?

How many times are you telling yourself every single day that you can’t do something. That you are not in control, that you are not good enough! You must capture and DESTROY these thought process. it is a LIE.


You must provide evidence, Not opinions, evidence why it may not be true.

You’ve finally captured that belief, and you’ve asked yourself a question instead to change it, from a statement to an ability of opportunity, but even when this arises you may start talking youtself out of it. “Nobody cares about me” – “What has to happen in order to feel that someone cares about me ” …3 second pause… “Nothing! THERE’S NOTHING I CAN DO” .. Again, watch …your … words..

That isn’t true, and once that answer arises, write it down in front of you and ask… “What evidence is there to prove that this thought isn’t true!!” Well… this could be evidence that in your past in your life, you once did feel that people cared about you.. Ok what was different? … YOU WAS FORCED INTO MORE SOCIAL SITUATIONS, for example school, or events, gigs, festivals, clubs, martial arts, college, work friends etc… The difference was that you was FORCED to talk to people, and in doing so, you made connections… if that’s what it took before then why don’t you test out sending 10 messages of appreciation or funny stories that you shared with people you used to be social with, or attend more social events and see if you don’t tend to see those old connections start to build… In the moment you can only write a strategy, after that you must act…

But what EVIDENCE/ FACTS do you have to kill those phrases that try to stop your question.

The Truth will make you align

When you get into the habit of regularly doing this, of keeping guard of your mind from discrediting thoughts that hold you back and have no truth, you will soon start to see that you may have problems in your life, but you’re more than qualified to handle and overcome them. Once you start to overcome problems that always limited you, you won’t believe how easily you start to problem solve, they lose their emotional power over you and you gain an unshakable confidence… With that you become unstoppable, and can unlock your potential.

What are ten things you are going to stop telling yourself?

List ten phrases, statements or beliefs that are currently hurting how you see yourself, and do the following advised above, within a short time you will see incredible improvements in your energy, your mental well being, your problem solving and when you take action, the great things you was almost scared to dream of, only seem like a few steps away from achievement.

“Leave everything that you don’t have to be, behind”

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