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PetentialPublished on June 18, 2021

Thought Control

Thought control Part 1

An idle mind is the devil’s playground.

If you do not watch what you are saying to yourself, then any thought could enter unwarranted.

The negative words you choose to use about yourself, are nothing more than a bad habit and when ‘Empty thoughts’ do find their way inside, and go unchecked, they can and will completely destroy all motivation, happiness and hope.

It’s YOUR responsibility to MANAGE what thoughts you allow yourself to feel.

“They make me feel depressed, they tell me I’m not good enough, I’d do anything to change how I feel.”

Those phrases you allow to run in your head, to make you feel depressed. They’re lies.

How do you stop them coming in?

Step1: Write down the exact phrase.

When you identify the exact sentence and you write it down, you are now giving it a physical form, you are OBJECTIFYING the empty thought and now… You can detect it.

Why does this work? If you can pin-point the exact issue and detect it, you can then discover the underlying issue. You can mold the thought, from a negative into something inspiring.

Step 2: Create a tally

When the same ‘empty thought’ or phrase comes to mind, you are to strike an additional mark on a tally.

Why does this work? Instead of the thought entering your mind and directing you emotionally I,e. making you upset, you are now ‘recognizing’ that phrase as it is… Just an ‘Empty thought’

When you start to make a tally for this, then it becomes more of a game INSTEAD OF FEELING it, you say “Oh there it is again” and can even get dopamine from adding another tally to your marker… you’ve spotted it and now you’re going to do something about it!

Provide evidence against it!

If it’s a ridiculous thought like “What’s the point?” or “No-one cares about me”, “EVERYTHINGS WRONG” then simply provide evidence against it.

“What’s the point?” – The point is, those people around you who you love? You can make their day. You can create lasting change in your surroundings with only a few simple changes.

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